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Shopping in Senegal


Visitors to Senegal should go to some of the many colourful markets. They are abundant with a range of bargains from food to handmade crafts and electronics. Most markets and centres sell wooden carvings, traditional fabric, embroidery, pottery, necklaces of clay beads and costume jewellery of wood or various seeds.


Dakar has some amazing (and expensive) stores specialised in haute-couture, embroidered traditional west African Muslim clothes. Near the port region of this city, you will find masks being sold. These masks are unique and are a good buy. Some of the masks that are sold are old, while some new ones are made to look old by keeping them under the rays of the sun. Now the cost of these masks depends on how old it is, as well as what is its size. There are ritual masks that are sold from the regions of Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Togo. Besides masks, you will also get old handicrafts which are indeed a good purchase to make.

In Dakar, there is a craft village at Soumbedioune, on the Corniche de Fann, where the visitor can watch craftspeople at work and buy their handicrafts. Purchases include woodcarving in the form of African gaming boards, masks and statues; musical instruments; and metalwork, including copper pendants, bowls and statuettes.

A place where you can buy paintings is the art gallery, Galerie Nationale d'Art in Dakar. Senegalese contemporary art is exhibited here. Many of the Senegalese artists who showcase their works of art live outside the country and have received worldwide acclaim. The painting here are reasonable and are worth a buy.

Another place to buy paintings is Goree Island. The streets of Goree Island are filled with art sellers. They sit at strategic locations and sell traditional Senegalese paintings. If you are interested in purchasing some, you can talk to the artists themselves and buy a painting that appeals to you. These streets are bustling with art lovers.

Other Places

If you are travelling in Velingara, a border town, which is in close proximity to the Gambian border, you will be thrilled to find so many shops that sell a range of articles. The main street of the town is dotted with shops which lure you to purchase numerous items. If you need anything on emergency, you are sure to find it here. Velingara is also famous for its ceramic pots. These pots are sold on the roadside of the main street which leads to the Casamance region.

You can also visit the market in Tambacounda. One of the liveliest markets in the country, this market sells China imported tissues, traditional handicraft, fabrics of various kinds, beauty products, among others.





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